History (first posted on May 17 on another site)

If there is one thing I ‘regret’ about my country, Zambia, it is that we do not have a lot of tangible history. We are an old society but we do not have that many old buildings, antique pieces, etc. We have a very rich in oral culture, but stories handed down through the generations can be embellished by imaginative people. However, I think it would be useful if we had museums and the written word to show us how our ancestors lived and what they thought. Even just old buildings to show us how those before us lived would be useful. Not only should we have these things, but it would be a good thing for us to have the culture of reading and visiting the museums to glean a bit from our history.

One thing I like about Vienna is that there is so much history all around you. You can not go anywhere without seeing or reading something about history – both the good and bad. I used trusted Google translate the text on the plaques to get the English version which basically reads “Located here until 1941 was a Jewish orphanage. 78 children aged 6-19. 42 Jewish women and men who lived here were deported and murdered by the Nazis”. As you know, you just get a general idea from Google translate, so I don’t know what the 42 adults were doing living in an orphanage.

Jewish remembrance plaque

These plaques can be seen all over Vienna since there were many Jews at the time. As can be seen from the plaques, my apartment building was an orphanage once upon a time. This was then converted to a school some time after the second world war, then later into apartments. I must say that this was a tight place for a school because there is hardly any place for children to play.

It is interesting to see the history that is in Vienna – some of it happy and some sad, but it’s still history. It shows where Viennese are from and who their forefathers are. It also affects where they are now and where they are going.


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