Hiking last weekend (First posted on another site on May 29)

The weather in Vienna was beautiful on Sunday – at least a good 27 degrees C. I was not going to waste this weather by staying in the house, so I went hiking with my club. We met at an u-bahn (local metro) station just after 8.00 am. Even though I am not a morning person, waking up early last Sunday was not a problem as I was looking forward to the hike after not having done one in a long while.

There were beautiful and healthy roses between the roads and pavements around the residential areas we passed. I suspect that the municipality takes care of the plants because I do not think that every resident has green fingers 🙂

We went to Burgenland where we started our hike with an ascent up a hill. The problem with the hill was that though the ascent was not steep, it went on forever and my unfit legs got tired right at the beginning of the hike. This reminded me that I have not been physically active for a while and I need to get back in shape. However, when we got to the top of the hill we were rewarded by beautiful views of the Neusiedl am See, a lake between Austria and Hungary. We did not go to the lake but I have been there on a previous hike.

I learnt one thing during this hike – that there are wild strawberries! There were a lot of the strawberries on the trail we used and we helped ourselves to them. I expected them to be sweeter than the store bought ones, so I was surprised to find that they had a slightly sour after-taste. Maybe the store ones have some chemicals added to make them sweet.

Some more roses….


Usually we have lunch at a heuriger (wine tavern) and last Sunday was not different. I enjoyed a plate of schnitzel, a dish that needs an acquired taste and one I could not stomach when I just moved here. We walked for another five kilometres before we getting to the s-bahn (regional train) station. Of course, there was another heuriger before the station and some members decided to have a drink before proceeding to Vienna. I was one of those who decided not to have a drink and got home around 7.00 pm. Altogether we hiked for about 20 kilometres. I loved it!

It was nice meeting club members I have not met before, while I also caught up with those that I already know. I like hiking with my club because it gives me the opportunity to see non-tourist areas around Vienna. I also enjoy being outside and in nature because it rejuvenates and reminds me of the time when I was growing up with plenty of nature all around me.

What is your favourite hobby?


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  1. jesusknowsmyname
    Nov 24, 2014 @ 19:30:30

    Again, your photos are not showing, but it sounds like a beautiful area.


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