Labour Day (First posted on another site on May 1)

Today is (or was, since it is so late in the evening) Labour Day. I was off work and took it easy the whole day until 4.00 pm when I decided to go to the Volksgarten to get some fresh air. There were a lot of people since it was very warm and, of course, there were a lot of tourists as well.

I walked around and then sat on one of the many benches. One guy started playing an accordion and had a horse mask on. It was interesting and entertaining, especially for the children. Two Asian tourists could not take enough photos with the accordion player. They were really excited, much to the pleasure of onlookers.

Thinking about it, I would not have thought much about the ‘horse player’ had the two tourists not been so excited. It reminded me that pleasures in life are usually made up of little things that add up. Big exciting things only come by once in a long while.

I then went over to the Votivkirche where there was an outdoor concert. I arrived towards the tail end of the event, but met a few people who seemed to be curious about me (I guess because I am black and there were very few blacks at the event). One person who had a professional looking camera asked to take a photo of me, but I declined since I do not know what the photo will be used for.

I got back home around 5.30 pm. It is now 10.30 pm Vienna time and it’s time for bed to be ready for work tomorrow.

Good night, all.


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