Dare to Dream?

Like most people, I had such big dreams on my youth – I wanted to do this and do that, go here and go there.  I wanted to do it all and I believed that I could do whatever that ‘it’ was.  I did many of the things, like starting a thriving prisons ministry at my Church and doing some travelling.  However, there are some things that I have not yet been able to do.

Well, of late my mind started telling me that I am too old to do anything new or carry out any of my dreams that have not yet been fulfilled.  These thoughts made me feel old ancient and that there was nothing else I could do with my life.  I actually started believing this lie even though I am just in my mid-forties.

I had to strongly rebuke and tell myself that I am not too old to fulfill my dreams.  I looked at my father in Zambia who had been seriously ill last year and had to undergo emergency surgery.  When I went home to see him (and also visit other loved ones), he was still weak and not feeling well.  He started telling me about the dreams he had and the things he wanted to do when he was much better.  I could not believe him.  I was asking myself how he could have such dreams when he was ill and in his ‘advanced’ age – 78 years old at the time.  Know what?  He got much better and has already done some of the things he set out to do.  He still has other things that he wants to do.  I believe that the dreams he had helped him get well and keep living an active life.

So, I have revived my dreams and though I may not know how to achieve some of the dreams, I will not give up.  I have started doing one of my dreams – writing.  I have always written my thoughts down as far back as I can remember.  Thus, I decided to start putting my thoughts in this blog for myself and for anyone else who stumbles upon it.

My other dream is to start going on tougher hikes and now I have one planned.  See my hiking boots from my last hike: 


What are the dreams you have that look impossible, even to you, but you still want to go for them?


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