I love refugees

said the drunk lady……

I am visiting family in the country up north Europe. The weather has been very beautiful with temperatures in the low twenties. Perfect for walking around and exploring. My family lives near a river that is really beautiful in the summer with a lot of activity – ice cream stands, yachts from who knows where, and a lot of people around just taking in the sights.

My family and I decided to take a walk by said river and just stretch our legs. We took the ferry and sat on a bench on the way the other side of the river.


The ferry that runs on the river

A drunk elderly woman sat down next to one of my young family members, K, who is biracial. The woman says to K “I love refugees”. K does not respond because he is not a refugee and her feelings did not concern him. The woman repeated her comment and asked him if he knows the local language. K responded in the affirmative. She went on about the refugees because she just concluded, wrongly though, that he was a refugee because he is biracial and that I am one too because I am African and look every part of it. K’s father found this hilarious and refused to move when I suggested that we move away from her. He said he is a big boy and will deal with it. At least K’s father did not laugh out aloud though he had a smile throughout the lady and K’s conversation. K dealt with the situation but did not seem impressed at all.

All in all, we had a nice walk and enjoyed the afternoon out.


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  1. rita
    Jun 12, 2014 @ 06:14:09

    Im so encouraged with the prison work…its similar to my passion of looking after orphans and help the vulnerable, amd about the age …sometime last year my thoughts were like am too old to fulfill my dreams but hey am encouraged and i wont give up…may the Good Lord help you with your dreams and i pray many will be encouraged and never to give up…

    God bless


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