Danube Canal Graffiti

I like walking along the Donau Kanal (Danube Canal) after work, especially on one side that gets the afternoon sun. This side of the canal is more vibrant with a lot of bars/eateries and people sunbathing. What I find interesting is that some bars have sand on their grounds to give a beach feeling – so much for not having a river pass through the city center 🙂

One other thing I like along the boardwalk (even though that ‘board’ is tarmac) is that there is a lot of very vibrant graffiti. You can also find graffiti artists freely doing their thing, so I have concluded that graffiti is not illegal. I found some interesting graffiti shown below:

Tribal masks? Colorful skulls?

Coming soon – we will wait and see 🙂 This is my favorite.

In Tyler we trust, indeed! Whoever Tyler is, we implicitly trust him


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