Life in the country

A friend of mine, Sharon, invited me to her house in the country a couple of weeks ago. I got a ride from one couple who are friends. It was an uneventful journey until we turned off the highway into the small town where Sharon lives. It is right in the middle of woods that are still virgin – just look at the photo below. It’s just across the road from Sharon’s home – simply beautiful.


Now this is what I call beautiful

The GPS in the car kind of stopped working and we had to ask around. We first stopped to ask at one beautiful house with big red rose bushes around it, but there was no-one home so we drove further up the road. We found an older man and our ‘designated’ driver asked him in German (of course) where we could find the house number we wanted. The man answered in a lengthy way and instead of looking at the driver, he kept on looking at me in the back seat. I found this strange until I heard him say “schwarz”, i.e. black. I put one and one together and realized that he apparently thought I was related to Sharon because she is black, like I am. It turned out that the house with the roses is where Sharon lives. This time we found Sharon and family home. We had a great time and I must say I enjoyed the nature more than the food. Maybe it is because the nature is still unspoiled. We took a walk around the area after lunch and we saw some interesting


I am not sure why the horse’s eyes were covered. Was it to protect the eyes from flies?


Very cute cat, but she (or is it he?) did not want to be friends.


And yes, there were some chickens outside. It reminded me so much of my parents’ place back home. How I miss home.

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  1. jesusknowsmyname
    Nov 24, 2014 @ 19:28:39

    Your photos are not showing up–I would love to see them!


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