Truth on cell phone?

What is our world coming? Someone telling the truth on the cell phone? How disappointing!

OK, the story is that I was on the train and sat next to a young boy. I was minding my own business when he suddenly looked at his phone in a way that attracted my attention and I looked at him from the side of my eye. You know how it goes – you are curious about someone but want to pretend that you are not interested.

Anyway, the young boy suddenly peeked through the window that was on my side and said to the caller “I am at Nestroyplatz station”. And know what? We were at Nestroyplatz! What struck me is that I found it surprising that the boy told the truth. This told me that we have become used to people lying when talking on the cell phone because we can not prove otherwise (OK, except if the police are investigating you).

Maybe, it’s time we got back to the basics and started telling the truth whether or not someone can prove us wrong, don’t you think?

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