Pubs in Madrid

I was in Madrid recently and enjoyed the sunshine and touring around. Madrid is a beautiful city and like Vienna, there are a lot of restaurants and pubs.

However (and this is a BIG “however”), the floors of the pubs in Madrid are very different from those in Vienna. Just look at the photo of a floor in a pub in Madrid:


See those white things on the floor? Those are used napkins. I have never understood this practice – why would someone use a napkin and throw it on the floor? I noticed that even in pubs where there they had trash cans on the floor, patrons still threw used napkins on the floor. Does anyone know why napkins are thrown on the floor? (PS/.. sorry about the blurry photo).

The one thing I liked about Madrid pubs is that your glass is filled with ice. This is something that eating establishments in Vienna do not seem to do even when you ask for it. For instance, we had been hiking in very hot weather for many hours. We got to a heuriger at the end of our hike and ordered drinks. I asked to have a lot of ice in my glass and guess what? The waiter put two ice cubes in my glass. When I said I needed a lot of ice, he said he had given me two cubes and that was a lot. I had to ask for a glass only filled with ice cubes. The waiter complied but seemed confused as to why I needed more ice cubes when he had already given me plenty. Now compare that experience to the glass I was given below in Madrid without even asking for plenty of ice cubes:




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  1. Naomi
    Nov 25, 2014 @ 10:23:29

    I’m really enjoying you blog and your observations. What to one person is completely normal can be so strange to someone from a different culture.

    I don’t know about napkins in Madrid, but in Slovakia, and I assume Austria, people very rarely drink anything cold. Grandmothers will tell you not to drink something straight from the fridge and almost nobody uses ice cubes. They say that it will give you a sore throat and make you sick, even in the middle of summer. A friend says that when she was in the States she could eat ice cream but in Slovakia it gave her a sore throat. hmmm…

    Speaking of which, you mentioned that Vienna’s summer isn’t summer – this summer wasn’t very hot, but for me it was just perfect. I complain that the winters here aren’t cold enough! (I’m from the mountains of Canada and live in Slovakia) 🙂


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