Prison parties

I received an uplifting email from a former Prison Ministry yesterday about her visit to Mukobeko Maximum Prison (the death-row prison). I say “uplifting” because my friend has continued with the church Prison Ministry after it was formed about 18 years ago. I can’t believe that so many years have gone by!

Anyway, my friend told me that she had visited Mukobeko and some inmates were asking after me. However, she only mentioned one inmate by name – someone I had grown quite close to. To tell the truth, I was surprised that there were people who remembered me after so many years.

My friend also told me that she will be arranging for a meal for the inmates shortly. This reminded me of the ‘parties’ we would have with female inmates at the Central Prison. We would take some food stuffs for breakfast and lunch. There would be a festive and happy atmosphere at prison with a lot of singing and laughing, in addition to the service. Those were good times – making the most out of the bad situation that the inmates had found themselves in. I miss those days.

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