Babies – everyone’s responsibility

I read an interesting story in the New York Times about a couple that travelled with their baby to Asia. The trip was fine, but what stood out for the couple was the way their baby was taken care of by strangers. People took the baby, played with and fed her without asking for the parents’ permission.

I found this interesting because this is basically how babies are treated in Zambia. If you go to a place where you will spend time with some strangers, the latter just take care of your baby and this is just part of life. You can imagine my surprise (more like shock, really) when I moved to the west and no one, not even family members, would take a baby that is not theirs and just play with it, bathe it or feed it. The parents are ‘stuck’ with the baby. I use the word ‘stuck’ loosely – because it’s their responsibility, but you get my point. The last time I was in Zambia, a relative came visiting with her young daughter. She hardly saw the child from the time she woke up until bed time because others were taking care of her. Different country, different culture.

Here is the NYT story:${CAMPAIGN_ID}&_r=0


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  1. jesusknowsmyname
    Nov 24, 2014 @ 19:45:44

    yes, different cultures! I remember a time when a woman I did not know took my baby girl from my arms and I felt very uneasy about it. Babies get passed around and care for within the family, but strangers taking a baby— a big ‘NO’! That’s definitely a trust issue!


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