My mother – Traditional Birth Attendant

My mother is a very gifted and successful woman, but you would not know it if you saw her. She is not educated, but has achieved a lot and wields quite a bit of influence in some circles.

One of the most successful things she has done was as a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA). She underwent training one afternoon a week at the local clinic for some time. Fast forward several years later, mum has helped deliver countless babies in the township that I grew up in. She started this ‘hobby’ after I had left home and I just heard stories about what was happening, but I was home one night when she was called for a delivery across the road. Mum went over but came back in less than ten minutes. Apparently, the lady in labor could not push as she was weak. Mum made a big fire (since there was no electricity at home) and quickly cooked some porridge and took it for the mother-to-be. She was back in another hour – tired but very happy. The delivery had gone smoothly and both mother and baby were fine. This made me realize how much she loved and seriously took delivering babies and saving mothers-to-be having to undertake a trip to the clinic, especially at night.

Mum was not paid for her services, but was only given a bicycle to help make her trips to expectant mothers quicker. If being available 24/7 for free is not being passionate about one’s calling (I think it was a calling), then I don’t know what is.


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