Peer pressure and finances

I joined a new company and as is normal, I got to know a group of women that I socialized with.  I was quite close to one, who I will call Rose, and we talked a lot.  Well, Rose, unlike me, was a trendsetter as far as fashion was concerned.  She was the same grade as I and I always wondered how she managed to buy new clothes all the time. Rose also constantly told me to “love your body because you only live once.” She basically meant that I had to buy nice clothes regularly because I would not manage to do so when I was dead. I always refused and said I could not afford anything more.

One day Rose came running to me and handed me her cell phone which was ringing. She asked me to answer it and tell the caller that she was not in the office and had left her cell phone behind. When I asked why I should do that, Rose said it was a woman who had been ‘harassing’ her for payment for clothes that she had bought on credit. Of course, I refused to answer the call. Rose did not answer the call either. I found it very interesting that Rose always pestered me to ‘love my body’ and yet here she was running away from her clothes supplier. I came to hear of more people that had sold Rose clothes on credit or loaned her money and not been paid.

This interaction with Rose affirmed to me the need not to follow others blindly, be it in financial matters or otherwise. I love my peace too much for such drama.


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  1. jesusknowsmyname
    Nov 24, 2014 @ 19:26:49

    You are a wise and practical woman.


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