Don’t rape me! I am old!

Well, those were my grandmother’s words one night.

My grandmother lived with me for a couple of years and it was one of the best times of my life. She gave me a lot of love (translated good food). A friend also moved in with me. My house had three bedrooms and so we all had a room each. One night at about 2.00 am, there was a loud scratching side on one side of the house. My friend and I woke up and met in the living room just wondering what was going on. Being only women in the house, we were afraid that maybe it was a robber trying to break in. Finally we realized that it was the guava tree scraping the roof and nobody was trying to come in. As we were talking, I heard my grandmother shouting and I had the following conversation with her:

Grandma: Don’t come in here and rape me! I am an old woman! Go into the other bedrooms if you want to rape anyone! There are girls there!

Me: Grandma! How can you say that?

Grandma: That’s the truth. I will die if any man abuses me.

Me: What about us?

Grandma: You will just get sick and then recover and get on with your life. Do you want me to die?

Me: Grandma, you are already old and you have had your life, so you have nothing to fear!

Of course, I did not want anything happening to her – I just wanted to hear what more she had to say, and she had plenty! As bad as my grandmother’s advice to the would-be rapist was, my friend and I had a good laugh about it. My grandmother never changed her mind about preserving herself before her granddaughter. I still have a laugh when I think about this.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Highly Favored
    Dec 09, 2014 @ 17:20:21

    Your grandma is hilarious! I love her! She spoke her truth.


  2. kay ~
    Dec 05, 2014 @ 05:45:24

    Most people would rather die than see something happen to their children or grandchildren. I’m not sure I would have taken it as good-naturedly as you did.


  3. QueasyPeasy
    Nov 27, 2014 @ 10:54:18

    I had a good laugh too at Grandma’s sense of self-preservation. At least you knew where her priorities lay although fear does strange things to us all.


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