Rattlesnake – Sugarloaf Mountain

I do a quite of walking around DC metro area and in the mountains around the area.  I recently went hiking on Sugarloaf Mountain with some friends.  We found some hikers resting and eating at the overlook where we were going to have lunch.  They warned us that there was a rattlesnake under the rocks we were headed to.  We were freaked out, of course, but still curious to see rattlesnake up close and personal.

One of my friends took several photos of the snake – I just peeped at it and fortunately saw the ‘infamous’ rattle.

We sat at a safe distance and left a written warning for hikers coming after us.




6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mags
    Apr 02, 2018 @ 22:02:49

    Very thoughtful of you to leave the note. Great photos of the snake.


  2. jono51
    Jul 02, 2017 @ 19:31:41

    I have only seen a few and those were in the western U.S. Its’ good to know they seem to be doing well with geographic distribution. Like most (not all) wildlife, you’ll be fine if you leave them alone.


  3. Aunt Beulah
    Jun 26, 2017 @ 15:45:45

    Having spent my life in the mountains and high deserts of the west, rattlesnakes are a known entity to me. I’ve seen many, have never been bitten nor has anyone I know, and have come to see the beauty in them as well as in your photo. However, they still startle me and make my heart pump hard as I quickly regret when I see them or hear their rattle.


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