Mexico City Visit

I treated myself to a vacation I have wanted to take for several years – Mexico City and Havana!  I will tackle Mexico City first, where I had a great time. I was amazed at the beauty, cleanliness and safety of the City.

I was put off going there ten years ago when reports about drugs and violence started being broadcast a lot.  I made a hotel reservation down a few months ago but after checking with a local, changed to the Hyatt which is in a ‘safe’ place.  I requested for a hotel driver to take me around the City for added security, only for him to sit in the car and tell me to walk downtown alone.  Of course, I ‘fired’ him within the first hour as I felt very safe, what with police everywhere and people who did not bother me.  They were only curious about my look (I was wearing African clothes).  I even rode the Metro and had no issues.  I do realize that one can be unlucky and mugged, but that can happen anywhere in the world.

A healer? shaman? shooing away evil spirits – there were many people who partook.  I almost thought of standing in line 🙂


Mexico City is quite clean compared to other places I have been to, even at roadside restaurants and shops!


I went on a tour of the Teotihuacan Pyramids about 40 kilometers from the City.  I managed to climb the Sun Pyramid but had had vertigo as steps in one part are very steep and so I did not even attempt to go up the Moon one, which is even steeper.


I tried researching what this cat/cayote found downtown is, but could not find anything on it.


I spent one night in a hotel downtown at the end on my way from Havana.  I can’t say much about it as I spent the whole day in my room.  I just needed to get away from crowds for a while….



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  1. Aunt Beulah
    Oct 31, 2017 @ 16:27:59

    What a wonderful trip for you. I’m happy to read your positive thoughts about Mexico. I have vacationed there for many years, have never felt threatened, and have always felt welcomed.


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