DC Public Property: Mice and Rats

I have never known the difference between mice and rats, but one thing I know for sure is that there was a huge influx/population explosion of the creature in DC in the years I was away.  I don’t remember seeing any mice on the streets before I left DC nine years ago, but they are everywhere now.  They seem to be DC public property.

I encountered this boy downtown


This situation got me thinking:

  • Is DC now a dirty city?
  • Has the mice’s habitat been overtaken by new construction?
  • Is the District broke and can’t afford regular exterminations?
  • Have the mice developed resistance to extermination chemicals?

I hope District officials find a way of dealing with this problem before we have an outbreak of the bubonic plague or some other such undesirables.  I don’t necessarily think that the plague will break out but, well, the mind wanders…..

I hope your cities/towns are not affected as we are here.







6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. AmyRose🌹
    May 20, 2018 @ 22:21:34

    Ewwwww. How awful!!


  2. Tiny
    May 03, 2018 @ 00:18:04

    I don’t remember ever seeing a mouse/rat on the street in D.C. in my 16 years there so something must have changed.


  3. Jill Weatherholt
    Apr 22, 2018 @ 18:43:35

    Yuck! Having grown up outside of DC, I hate to hear this. My twin nieces lived in a “nice” and expensive area on Capitol Hill. They had to move out of their apartment when it became infested with rats.


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