Twins – the good and the bad

No, I don’t have and am not having twins :), but they are interesting.  On my father’s side, his aunt’s descendants have so many twins it is not funny.  Unfortunately, that gene is from the side of my grandaunt’s husband, so we missed it.  The twins in my grandaunt’s lineage are usually a boy and girl and not same sex twins.  I wonder if the twin gene breaks down further to determine the sex mix of twin.

Anyway, I want to write about my former neighbors’ twins years ago – a boy and girl. They had different personalities – the boy was outgoing but mature and serious about life, while the girl was outgoing, loud, an attention seeker and did not take her future into any consideration.  In spite of having different characters, the twins were so close that they felt when there was something wrong with the other.  I did not this when my niece first told me about it.

This changed when one day I saw the girl, Lucy, coming home around 6.00 am. This is a girl who never got up before 11.00 am for anything. My niece later that day told me that Lucy had spent a night out partying but woke up early because she felt that her twin, Larry, was not well.  When she got home, Larry was surely not well.   I found this surprising.

The next time I heard about their closeness was when Lucy announced that she was  pregnant (outside wedlock and at a tender age, so no one had been expecting the news).  Larry got angry with Lucy because he had been having the morning sickness and swollen feet instead of her, even before Lucy announced the pregnancy.  Larry had gone to different doctors, but none could diagnose the issue.  Larry had to wear big size sneakers throughout Lucy’s pregnancy.  Lucy had no problem with her pregnancy and she always teased Larry about his pregnancy symptoms.

One evening Larry fell ill but he could not put his finger on the problem.  He spent the whole night tossing and turning.  Lucy called in the morning and said she was in labor, so Larry found out why he was ill.  Larry only recovered after Lucy had delivered.  Needless to say, Lucy had a pain free labor and Larry bore it all for her.

Isn’t it interesting how twins can be so close that they unknowingly bear the other’s burdens?



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tiny
    Oct 08, 2018 @ 17:39:48

    Surprising facts. I have heard similar stories.


  2. Jill Weatherholt
    Sep 19, 2018 @ 21:30:39

    My Derek has a twin sister. The first night we met, he told me he had a twin sister and I asked if they were identical. LOL! I can’t believe he asked me out again. 🙂


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