Funny, yet not so funny

I belong to a Facebook gardening page where sometimes members ask questions and other answer.  One member posted a picture of a fruit tree and asked what it is.  She said she had bought it from a hawker at a traffic light and was told that it was apple, but looking at the picture it definitely is not.  Other members also said they too had had the same experience.  Well, guess what the plant is?  Coffee!  I could not help but chuckle at the expense of the ‘poor’ members.  However, like others said, the light at the end of the tunnel is that these members can have freshly ground coffee everyday.  It reminds us to buy only from reputable outlets, otherwise we lose as hawkers will tell us what we want to hear or do not know the truth themselves.

DC is hot!!

Someone tell me, where is winter?!! It is very hot today – 22 degrees C!  Several people are in tees and shorts and it’s the middle of winter!

We have not really had proper winter, only a sprinkle of snow a few weeks ago.  I miss winter – can a meteorologist bring us one please!  I hope we don’t get a snowstorm down the line!

I have used too many exclamation marks?  That’s how I feel with this heat!

Umbrella Christmas Tree

I was in Silver Spring, MD over the weekend and saw this interesting Christmas ‘tree’ and umbrella at the top was rotating.


It looked even better at night




Trump Inauguration Parade Stand

OK, I am not sure what the name of the stands that are under construction outside the White House are called, but there is progress.  These parade stands have been under construction for at least a month and I can’t wait to see what the finished product will look like, if I remember to go take a look at them.  One thing I know is I will keep well away from downtown DC when the inauguration takes place.

PS/…  I have always wondered why the inauguration is in the dead of winter – maybe to deter me from attending the festivities since I am ‘allergic’ to the cold?  I would have been game had it been early spring or tail end of summer.

Will anyone be attending the festivities?


I look that young?!!

I celebrated my 40th birthday several years and treated myself to a trip to Orlando.  I had a great time by myself.

I went out one evening and a (very) young man came over and had small talk with me.  He asked me what I was doing in Orland and I told him that I was celebrating my birthday.  He asked how I old I was and I said 40.  He laughed and asked me the same question.  Well, I gave him the same response but he was not impressed this time.  He said “I am also here celebrating my birthday.  I just turned 27 years old and I know you can’t be older than me.  Now how old are you?”  I was surprised at his response but decided to see what he would say if I gave him a ridiculous answer, so I told him that I had just turned 23.  He said “Well, that’s more like it.  Happy birthday.”  I could not believe that he had believed me, but apparently I looked that young.

I know most people in the west would find that flattering, but where I come from it’s not that flattering.  Why?  Because looking younger means people will not show respect to you.  As result, I had always hated the fact that I look far much younger than I really am.  However, I have now come to terms with this ‘flaw’ in my appearance because nothing I do makes me look my age.  I once changed my clothing to look older, to no avail.  I have even been scolded by strangers back for calling my friends  by their first names without the prefix “ba”, a word that shows respect even if these friends are younger than I.  Why fight something that I can’t change?

I am healthy and life is good, so why bother.


Are some talents not worth much?

I have started thinking that one’s talents must bring one some tangible results (in this case aka financial gain) as I have grown older.  I know this is not always or should it be the case, but well…

I know people who are leaders in every situation – whether they want it or not.  My mother, for example, is always selected to positions in any group even if she is brand new in that township.  She has had to refuse many positions especially as she has gotten older.  Unfortunately (or so I think) for me, I find myself leading mostly during sad circumstances, like when someone is ill or bereaved.  I did not know I had a knack for this until when I was about 25 years old and someone in our office passed away.  I went to the funeral house with some colleagues but there was no one from our team to comfort the grieving family (something visitors are expected to do back home).  I decided to take the lead and said a few words.  I must say that I was shocked at how people received my words – they seemed to be touched and comforted, especially the bereaved family.

Lo an behold, a story went around the company that I was someone to have when there was a bereavement because I knew how to comfort people.  People started requesting me to go and pray, encourage or comfort those who needed.  I refused to go for bereavements during working hours as I did not want to eat into my working time, but somehow visiting the ill, troubled and bereaved became an unofficial part of my job description.  My manager was enthusiastically behind this and would arrange for company transport, during working hours I must add, for me to do some of this outreach.   I did not really appreciate this gift until I needed a lot of comforting and uplifting last year because other people with a similar talent came up and comforted me.

The issue of me comforting others has continued in my life with family and friends expecting me to be in the forefront to say some ‘wise’ and comforting words when someone is faced with problems.  I find it interesting that even at times when I am not prepared to say anything, words that flow out of my mouth seem to uplift others.

I know some may say this is a good gift to have, but you know what?  I sometimes wish this was a talent I could make money from, though.  After all, comedians, among others, make money out of their talent.

What do you think?  Am I just being whiny?




Christmas Shopping by June?

I first saw this sign outside the White House gift shop in June – is it Christmas already?


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